Saturday, October 31, 2009

Goodbye October!

I missed the sunrise for about an year!! Yeah, I hadn't seen the sunrise in months and today seemed like the perfect day to see it. Yes, I planned* to wake up early and drive down to this beautiful park that I used to visit as a child... i've had kiddie picnics there for years and yet hadn't been there in 6 years!!!

It was a chilly october morning, me and my sis put on our sweat-jackets and left for the park at 6:30 AM!**

It was an amazing morning.. the chilling breeze, the chirping birds, the beautiful flowers, brisk walk, the dewy grass, and my absolute favourite part... crunchy autumn leaves.. walking over them, crushing them.. running after each other.. me and my sister were 5 yr olds again.***
then came the actual Sun in the sky.. and spreading its warm rays and when it was bright enough for us to miss our sunglasses, it was time to go back home.

What childhood place have you been longing to visit??

PS :

* I did PLAN it out but it took my dad 5 wake-up screams for me to get up with frowning face :P

** We sure did put on our jackets.. OVER our PJs!! Its totally acceptable to be out in your PJs till 8 AM.

*** Quite literally 5yr olds.. we were ON swings.. we were loud and the ones meditating around us in the 'peace and quiet' were throwing some NASTY looks in out direction. Did that bother us.. Not at all.. infact I took out my cell phone and started taking pics.

Here are some pics from our morning photography session :P

Me and Amulya.

See you in November,
Much love.


You Are My Fave said...

Sometimes I have to get up early and I complain about it but seeing the sunrise makes it worth it.


Olá! thank you for your kind words ;) Have a nice weekend, yeah! And by the way, nice post yay! Come check Chanel and Japan fashion week, hope u enjoy it.


Sara said...

my grandfather used to take me to that hotel park and we'd have the best pizza and go play...I miss that really! But I am too scared to go without him..

Aoife said...

I love october mornings, when it's not raining of course! - I live in England.

Aoife said...

Yeh i figured it was something like that. I read in an article and thats how they spelt it so it could be a traditional name, or where cashmere was first made or something. Thank you for your comment.

Jodes said...

AH, super cute!
Those kinds of days are the best - to be able to share them with your family is so special.
Playing in the leaves is a special kind of meditation, I think


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Patty Ann said...

omggggggg playground
so much fun
and i love all the shadow pictures!