Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Day away, An Year closer..

Yes, I'm just a day away from my 23rd Birthday!
I'm not as excited as i used to be.. instead I'm retrospective.

Things I was to achieve before turning 23, things that I didn't...

I didn't find the dream job I had in my head.

I didn't get to travel to the places I wanted to go.

I didn't find the one 'true' love of my life.

I didn't find my 'determined, sensible and mature' self.

But the only thing I'm glad I didn't find is ...


When I look back to my small, small life of 23yrs... I see happiness, love, friends, family, accomplishments... small and big..... and most importantly, HOPE (tonnes of it!).

I may be walking the fine line between cheesy and overly-emotional but well, thats just how I feel a day before my BIG 23.

I hope to find all the great things I set out to find and I HOPE my life is just as perfectly happy as it is now. I wish for strength and motivation to realise my dreams, I wish for love, happiness and contentment, I wish for travels across the seven seas and I wish for....... much more!

Thanks to everyone who reads this! Thanks for keeping me motivated.

Much Love,

All images from Amy


Anonymous said...

Spartacus.....i wish all this to come true for u.....but most of all i wish u remain as perfect as u r despite the constant change that life is......

nicole addison said... is your bday!? hm if im right then HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! i hope you have the loveliest day!! xoxo

Mohammed J. said...

always look at the bright side of life, it's much more healthier.

Maybe you'll do all the things you've always wanted to do by the time you're 30. It's always good anyway :D


Meg Fee said...

yay!!! let me be one of the first to say (maybe?!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and you know what i realized reading this, thank goodness you didn't find all those things because then what would there be to look forward to and keep striving for. you're so gorgeous keep moving forward and living and loving. i feel so lucky to count you as a blog friend, so truly, deeply i do mean happy birthday.

Blau von T said...

love the first pic x

Manju said...

a teeny bit late, but happy birthday darling :)
i love your way of looking at things ^^
i hope you had fun, and all the very best wishes *hugs*

ki said...

Belated happy birthday... I hope you do get it all :)

good mama said...

:) love this. just turned
23 in august myself and
even though i am a wife and
mother and feel like i'm
really "there" with my life..
i felt a lot of the same stuff.
its good. so, so good.

came via meg fee's blog :)


Salut, j'adore vos postes et les photos ^^
Vous suivant maintenant ;)

Link moi, suivez-moi

Rhianne said...

I hope you had a lovely birthday! I didnt find the dream job either but love will get you when you least expect it dont worry :)

Same New Story said...

happy belated birthday and thanks so much for stopping by my blog! im currently towards the end of my 23 and i must say it was a very good year. lots of new and exciting things. so enjoy your 23rd year!

The Photodiarist said...

Hey -- Happy belated birthday. You'll find all of those things. But probably not the exact way you dreamed them to be or in the exact time in which you desire them.

Patty Ann said...

omggg happy birthday!!! these pictures are so cute, i think i just saved all these pictures!!!

Fotografia Ĺšlubna Warszawa said...

first photo is great!