Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fashion Learning 2 : The classic Jacket

Girls, pay attention.. but boys listen harder.
This is one of the coolest fashion tips you'd find. you must, must, must invest in a Fitted, tailored jacket. Its a wardrobe staple.
And boys, you should consider a formal pant-suit too...

You dont believe me, well, then you gotta hear it from the following lovely bloggers, who I love and adore and totally look upto for inspiration :

"why do american (make that MOST) men wear their suits baggy and ill-fitting? They look like little boys playing dress up.
a well fitted suit-pant can make an okay-looking-man into a good-looking-man. a good-looking-man into a great-looking-man. and so on."

Meg Fee from The Wild and Wily Ways of a Brunette Bombshell

"The big trick to why this jacket looks so cool is how slim the sleeve is in the upper arm. If there is one alteration that guys don't do enough it is having the sleeves slimmed down on a suit. That separation between upper arm and chest drops ten pounds on the look of an average guy - try it you'll see. "

Scott Schuman from The Sartorialist

I found this amazing quote by Emanuelle Alt on the contributor's page in the new Vogue Hommes International “FORGET TRENDY DESIGNER LABELS..... JEANS, A SWEATER OR A T-SHIRT (or a dress!!) WORN UNDER A JACKET THAT SEEMS WELDED TO YOU. WHEN IT’S JUST RIGHT, WHEN YOU DON’T SEE THE EFFORT, IT’S IRRESISTIBLE.”

Found on the Jak and Jil Blog

So, Boys and girls make sure this fall, you put on a fine fitting jacket and take on the world looking Irresistible!!
(combine the lesson # 1 White shirt with the lesson # 2 Classic Jacket and you get the Lesson # 2.5 of Effortless Chic)
All Images from The Sartorialist

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Sara said...

that's a lovely compilation!

Meg Fee said...

ho wow. quoted next to mr. scott schuman. i've hit the big time now. this is really exciting!!

Manju said...

and a plain white vest. a guy in a plain white vest and a black jacket = totally sexy casual ^^

Sara said...

thank you for being so sweet!