Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rapunzels of Kerala

Young girls in Wayanad

I love the women of my country – so beautiful, hard-working and strong. Carving their paths, against all odds, in a man's world. While that's true about most of the country, where the testosterone outshines the estrogen, there's always Kerala - the god's own country and the shining beacon of hope to the women around the world. Mother Earth hasn't only blessed this utopic state with breathtaking beauty but also the highest ratio of females (reaffirming the natural beauty, I guess). The fairer sex enjoys its spot in sunshine here. Women work, study and continue to bring hope to their sisters across the nation. Seeing the social and political atmosphere, we could all use some female inspiration. While I could list number of reasons that make the women in these parts exceptional, I choose to share a very small (almost insignificant) reason that makes these women remarkable to me. I'm always fascinated by people who do important things and make them appear so simple and effortless. Meet the women of Kerala. I don't understand how they manage to keep up their traditionally long, wavy, medusa-like manes and yet get their day's work done. They go around doing their business – taking the public transport, farming, walking around the dusty roads with their immaculately done-up hair, loosely hanging down their shoulders. No comfortable ponytails or I-mean-business buns, just thick, shiny, black hair, massaged with coconut oil, brushing their strong shoulders as they unapologetically celebrate their womanhood. It's magical. They are like goddesses. At least to me. As I sit in my bed, typing this post with my hair tied up in a messy scrunchy bun, I wish I could be a little less shabby.

In Kollam

In Kollam

At Munroe Island, Kollam

In Kollam

There's more posts coming from my recent trip to Kerala.
Come back soon.

Much love.


Martina said...

Lovely Photos~

indi said...

my malayalee nanny's biggest regret is that she couldn't get me to grow out my hair.
it's lovely to see you blog again.

Anonymous said...

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Karishma said...

Spardha! So good to see you blogging again. Love the pictures. And I especially love how their adorn their unruly curls with jasmine. For some reason when you used the term 'Mother Earth' it made me think of what a perfect term it was for these women. Anyhow, looking forward to more from God's own.

Anonymous said...

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nitinsingh said...

Superb photos!

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