Sunday, December 16, 2012

Revenge of the Nerd


Frames from H&M, a gift from Sue Castellino

Utility became an accessory when the ‘four-eyeds’ decided to change the way 6/6 vision world perceived eye-frames. At one of our earlier conventions, we decided to portray John Lennon and Woody Allen as our mob-lords. With their pictures plastered everywhere wearing their iconic glasses, we slowly began to incept ideas as bizarre as suggesting their coolness was directly proportional to their lens power. We still can’t believe how, even with your perfect vision, you couldn't see through our trap. Too late now. We’re cool now. You can wear our frames and be the poseur/douche-who-tries-too-hard; we still laugh at our conventions. YES, we have a club. And no, you are not invited, not even with your non-prescription glasses; you have to prove your blindness to enter. After all those years of bullying in school (when we were called ‘four-eyed’ and our glasses were flung around as an everyday sport), we’re finally having our revenge. From being a minority to becoming very description of the word ‘hipster,’ we've come so far. On behalf of all the fellow nerds – thank-you for participating, the joke’s on you. 

"If Lennon and Ono had an optical-frame baby, this would be it." - Sue

A pair of Lennons, stolen from Pasham Alwani's shoot

Refer to the picture below
From Yoko Ono's whimsical exercise book Grapefruit
One of my all-time treasures – A John Lennon x Yoko Ono Short Play record 

Disclaimer – The author is not a nerd (no matter how hard she may try to convince you). No hipsters were hurt in the research of this pseudo-article.  

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