Friday, January 18, 2013

The Bride


Though I couldn’t care less about the joke that most weddings have turned into, the wedding rituals still excite me. Simple rituals, complicated rituals and then some plain odd ones, they’re all designed to make the happy couple realise the importance of this institution. The diversity of this country makes weddings even more intriguing with every region and religion bringing their own flavour to the ceremony. Even through all the cultural variables, there’s one constant that is undeniable. It’s the bride. Isn’t there something glorious about brides? We all know that it’s a special day for both parties involved, but brides always steal the show. They shine with some other-worldly glow, their immaculately put together clothes, the heirloom jewellery, the smell of marigolds and jasmines, the sound of bells and baubles, these little details add up to make these creatures absolutely fascinating to me.

This may also have something to do with my age and stage in life. At 26, it seems everyone around you is either considering, dissing, planning or gushing about weddings. In fact, I’m off to one in another 12 hours. I can’t wait to see what the bride looks like. Is she a traditional bride or a modern one? Is she a coy girl or a chirpy one? Will she shed a tear during her vidaai (formal departure ceremony) or come out grinning? I’ll report back soon. Anyhow, meet these lovely newlyweds from Kollam, Kerala. They’d just gotten married and were bidding adieu to their relatives, when my auto-rickshaw pulled by. Me, being I, couldn’t take my eyes off the bride and decided to crash the party. Turns out the family, friends and even the couple were more that excited to have me click a few shots. Their only condition that I pose with them for few of their cameras. Such lovely people.
Enjoy the pictures.

How pretty is this girl?

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