Monday, July 19, 2010

Style Quickie - Sapna Bhavnani

So, this is a new segment I'm adding to my blog : Style Quickie
This segment will include people with inditiualistic style that I admire.

I'm so glad that the first person to be featured here is one of the most funnest, quirky and independent souls i know - Sapna Bhavnani, Hair stylista par excellence. Love her, hate her.. dude, you can't ignore her (Not that she cares for your approval :P) Her hair salon, very rightly named 'Mad O Wot' has become like a refuge for the crazy Stylish hipsters from across the city.

If you've been to this salon, you know how much creativity has been put into it. One look at Sapna, and you know the atmosphere resonates her inner exuberance and style. Bright, Young and Crazy - same words I'd choose to describe Sapna!

Anyway here's a quickie shared over a Ciggy:

1. Why Mad o Wot?
SB - When I started with my career, everywhere I worked I had to wear a uniform and cut hair with a mellow music playing in the background. I hate uniforms, I love hair so I started Mad o Wot. Its not a salon, its a home for everybody who enters. We listen to music, we bond, we share those few minutes being a part of each other's life.

2. You've just inaugurated your second salon? Whats in store.. any more franchisees?
SB - No WAY!! Its my second salon and I'm very conscious to make it just as quality strict yet relaxing and fun like the first establishment. I don't Intend to be the next Mc Donalds of Hair salons. I believe in quality and contentment. There's more to life than just making money.

3. Tattoos - Fashion or Art?
SB - Art, most definitely. It can't be fashion, tattoos aren't like a fad. They are not for everybody. They are not the new 'black'!

4.Best place for Tattoos?
SB - Getting inked is a very personal experience... comfort is of utmost importance. I don't get tattooed in bombay, I haven't come across any good tattoo artists here. My favourite experience would definitely be at the Koh Phi Phi islands in Thailand. Getting a tattoo made using bamboo sticks in the peace and quiet, next to the splashing sea waves was the most fulfilling experience for me. I hate the drilling sound of tattoo machine. Bamboo tattoos are so beautiful and real. Arunanchal pradesh is a great place for bamboo tattoos.

5. Your first tattoo?
SB - My back, Chicago, 1990, My boyfriend was a tattoo artist and I was his canvas. Its still a work in progress!

6. Your favourite Tattoo?
SB - The one on my upper arm - Daddy's little girl.. Its very special to me!

7. What is Style for you?
SB - In one word - Comfort!

Sapna lives everyday like it was a work of art. Even though I've never really got my hair cut from her personally (I'm forever broke and she is kinda expensive!) I always find my hair in the wacked-out shears of Sushil !!

Swapnil on the job!
He's adorable, totally in love with those scissors and the biggest Madonna fan ever. He could put Sue Sylvester to shame (ref - Glee for the uninitiated) You just have to feel the atmosphere at this place.. the vibe is so infectious and the haircuts are like botox... beautifying and age-defying(in my case ;))!!!

Oh, Oh, OH almost forgot.... Sapna is also a really awesome, new age social activist - her ways of making change are inspiring and interesting. You must be a part of this kickass new initiative she's introducing - Project Unite

and here's a really random haircut pic - i know, I know... will put up nice ones soon!

Whaddaya think??
Much Love,
The salon is located in Bandra and Versova only! know more at


bollywoodstylediaries said...

Is the salon in Delhi? will def check it out next time I am in town..I will ping you for the address..

Tanvi said...

She sound cool and concerned. I like her already ... and I like your haircut too! :o) You rock, babes!!!

wobblinbetty said...

tnx for sharing this lovely interview!
she looks gorgeous, would love to go there and do my hair! will keep it mind when I will come to visit India! said...

very interesting post.
great work.
i like the rock , so sexy...
Kiss from Milan
Nicola freshONpr

Hippie Holly said...

Loving the haircut babe and the minx winking pic is tres adorable:)


nice new section to your blog! n what a way to start...i think Sapna is sooo cool n ahead of times! i loved her weekly column in a daily in bombay...they were FAB!

P.S cool some of ur archives n they r all fab! i'm following u :)

Love, G

Fashion Bombay said...

ur in bombay??? meet us :) :)

L1L2 said...

damn! we need those yellow gumboots for the rainy days in shillong... nice post btw!

H said...
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H said...

Okay I'm more excited than I should be. And I went to the same guy as you, his name is Sushil if i'm not wrong. Bandra you went? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the place.

Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.