Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Top - H20, Skirt -Mela, bandra, Shoes - Surajkund Crafts Fair, Short glass necklace - My friend sizil's gift from Rome, Turquoise necklace - Mcleod Ganj, Bamboo weave Clutch - Mum's buy from KL, Bangles - Linking road, Bandra

Is there ever such a thing as too much fashion? Can you ever be satisfied, much less be suffering with an overdose of fashion? As a self proclaimed insightful fashion writer, I have a theory to present : There's just so much fashion news and ideas bombarding through magazines, blogs, live fashion streams, youtube, even music videos, blah, blah, blah, its become essential to conform to the sartorial rules. In today's HT City, the so called fashion gurus were rating Indian Sports star's wives and GFs on their Glamour quotient. They were suggesting that Victoria Bekhams of the world are way ahead of the Indian Wives. What has world come to? Why is it not okay to be 'you'? Why do you have to be anorexic and Prada clothed to be fashionable?

In all this rat race to be the trendiest, we forget how much fun dressing up used to be. To have your own signature style. What's my style? I think about it really long and deep. I don't want to wear some wide leg pants just coz some fashionista says they're 'in' or blindly follow the flesh tone trend. I'm not a buffet person, I prefer À la carte! i wanna order what I like, exactly how I like it.

I want to grow up discovering style, like my mother, like all the other non-conformist divas out there. I love Fashion, but I hate feeling like I owe something to everyone watching :)

So, this blog is my quest to find 'me' through one thing that I enjoy the most - experimenting!

ha, so now that I have you all believe that I don't just want to wear all pretty clothes, click some funny pictures, waiting to receive some very sweet comments, I do it for greater good of mankind - to protest for Personal Style promotion... Who's joining me?


Tanvi said...

i am absolutely with you on this. Fashion is all well and fine. But unless it represents you what's the point. Trends are good for entertainment. At the end of the day everyone should dress in what makes when feel comfortable and fun! :) Your chappals go so well with the outfit. I like the mixing and matching!

bollywoodstylediaries said...

ur chappals are gorgeous!! and I love the color of ur outfit..

I am all for Personal style - Fashion is way to express urself and wearing whatever makes u happy..but no body odor:-)

Sovina said...

i totally agree..there is so much bombardment of information that it gets all very confusing and demotivating.. but i guess i am still trying to find my personal style and i would not say that i don't follow trends..just that i don't follow them blindly and i am not afraid of wearing something that is good and may be not in the trend..

love your skirt :)

L1L2 said...

:) concur the thoughts and fancy the bamboo clutch! enjoy doing what you do...

Spardha Malik said...

@ tanvi - I was really apprehensive of trying radically diffrent things into one that too all in same color. I'm hardly a matchy- matchy person :)

@ BSD - I'm with u on the body odour argument.. stink is no way of self expression :P

@ SOvina - I Love this skirt.. got it for my sister but kind kept it for myself,

L1l2 - I love exploring new dimensions of slf expression ! thanks for the encouragement.

Hippie Holly said...

I absolutely heart this look!!!! The purple, skirts and the hints of aqua is pure love! A sight for sore eyes!