Saturday, May 15, 2010

Summer Scarves!

A recent visit to Gandhinagar had me packing my bags with Bandhini fabrics (for summer kaftans maybe??) Leheriya stolls (linear tie dye technique) Natural dye block print cottons... all in all really great inspiration for insanely hot and dry delhi summers. While and my mom are still fighting over which one's mine and hers and what to do with all this unstiched fabric, it thought I'd share with you some pics I clicked over my trip that really inspire me..

I love the how women in one of the hottest part of the country do not shy away from a blast of colors. This lady, especially gave me this incredible idea of breaking a basic black and white geometrical print's monotony with a splash of color... Maybe using a scarf!??

Also, everywhere you travel in this city, you see girls covering up in colorful scarves - Stylish sun protection. My friend Khushboo was wearing this fun leopard print scarf.... i totally have to find some awesome printed scarves!!!

What are your summer faves?


H said...

Summer=Cotton! And muslin and linen.
Muslin crumpled scarves look ultr chic and the Rajesh Pratap VH Men's Fashion Week scarves are to die for! :D
Also, Bandhni is great for pairing with Western separates, in my eyes!

Spardha Malik said...

yeah, I'm the biggest fan of mulmul! The fabrics I got from Gujarat are all so gorgeous.. i'm wondering how to use them. Thanks for stopping by!

H said...

Just my two cents, but if you have enough, try getting a short-ish summer dress with a full skirt and lots of pleats! :D
And you can wear it with ballet flats or gladiator flats.

The Photodiarist said...

The last photo is gorgeous!!!!!

Spardha Malik said...

@ Photodiarist.... THANKS SOOO much!!