Monday, May 17, 2010

Its a Wrap!

I think most of the awesome(self-proclaimed) ideas emerge out of the blue. While I was spending a long afternoon browsing through the aisles of Fab-India's home furnishing department, doing some ground research for a 'Curtain and Window covering' report I'm writing for the magazine, I ended up shopping for this really unique graphic black and white printed pants! The minute I laid my eyes on them, I had sorta put together an outfit in my mind.

I rushed back home madly in search of the fabrics I bought from Ahmedabad. Its only once I had the Leheria dupatta securely in my hand, that I stopped ravaging through my wardrobe (FYI 'Leher' = Wave .. thus this tie and dye technique derives its name from the wavy/striped appearance of the fabric)

I knew I wanted to make a wrap out of it, only I had to work out how?! I started playing around with the dupatta and ended up creating an interesting way of draping using only 2 safety pins and tada a Wrap!!. Its SO simple! I'm going to get it sewed up properly soon..

I'm wearing:

Eyelet Top - H2O, Bandra
Printed Pants - Fab India,
Draped Wrap - Self made
Embroidered Shoes - Street shopping
Ceramic Necklace - Fab India

Much Love!


RepublicOfChic said...


::runs off to try it::

Spardha Malik said...

I'm glad you like it!