Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stolen Sweaters!

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Throughout my teens, I’ve borrowed a lot from my dad’s wardrobe. Especially in winters, Dad’s sweaters are always more comfy than your own. They’re big, droopy, warm and even make your hands disappear.... what’s not to love?

With Knitwear being a big trend and oversized jumpers selling all over the high street, it was time to revisit dad’s crazy 90’s sweater collection - with their argyle patterns and geometric gibberish.

My friend, Neetu Kasana, an upcoming model, shows you how to work this look without looking like a total slob!

Look 1 : With such a shapeless garment, its very important to keep the accessories strong so as to keep the look chic. The Betty Blue knee-high lace-up boots, River Island embellished leather bag and Kallol Datta scarf accomplish just that!


Look 2 : With the crazy colors of that Monte Carlo sweater, I tried to play on the tribal beat with an equally crafty cross body bag and a multi-color head band. To add shape, I cinched the waist with a tan belt. The gorgeous Miss Sixty Shoes provide the right amount of leg lengthening!  

So won't you be Daddy's little girl all over again?
Much love,


sandhyaa said...

i love to be a daddy's gal... and same like u i also used to steal my dad's closet all d time...

RepublicOfChic said...

Um.. The Brown Shoes are so hot! Love this post. It stands out for its creative resource-full-ness. :)

Aaand, you're welcome to share the dress with me anytime you like! ;)

Karishma R said...

Very classy looks. I like :]