Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Its all about the uniform trend!
Okay, scratch that. Uniform trend is an oxymoron.
Fashion can't exist in the realms of uniform.. where's the fun?

When it came time for me to finally warm up to the utilitarian/combat trend.. I took out an old army inspired jacket and gave it a rather spardha twist. I might come across as a very 'colorful' person on this blog but ask my friends... I'm all about dull colors. But adding a pop of color in this rather grey delhi weather seems like just the right amount of sunshine to my day.

If that didn't make sense, don't bother.
Maybe the pics will (One can only hope!)


LiveLoveDressup said...

I Love that bag! :)
Nice look!


Spardha Malik said...

thanks rukman :)

A Lot Like Fashion said...

Oh the jacket's been used innovatively alright! :) Love the layering.

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sandhyaa said...

nice jacket !!!
and i liked your pics... wires in d background r creating a dramatic it !!!