Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Pink City journal!

Jaipur or the pink city is the capital of Rajasthan or the land of royals!

The people are polite.. buildings are beautiful.. food is spicy and the crafts are insanely gorgeous.
I was in the city for 36 hrs and what fun it was. Work trip with most of the hours spent walking the aisles of FORHEX fair, a fair for furniture, handicrafts and gift items. The fair exhibitors included some of the leading Rajasthan based exporters who create the most exquisite of products only to exhibited in Europe and US.

Considering this was only the second edition of this fair and was open to general public at a reasonable entry fee... this exclusive fair was an eye opener for the Indian consumer. From traditional to Kitsch to modern minimalism.. the fair was amazing.

Also participating were some of the craft clusters of Rajasthan showcasing their traditional crafts intricately designed and reasonably priced. The merchandise on display would make you wanna throw every last piece of furniture in your house to replace it with these gorgeous things.

Enough said, here are some pics from the trip:

Rain followed me to the desert.. I mean from Bombay to Delhi to Jaipur and now back in Delhi... I've been living under the grey skies for past 2-3 months! I'm not complaining. Totally love this weather.

The Bar unit was made out of recycled wood. Making each piece unique and every product a boutique item. Cool concept of reusing wasted furniture pieces to assemble and finish.

Camel Leather is one the most used material for handicrafts from Rajasthan. The hand embroidery is painstakingly carried out on such a thick material making these products even more exquisite.

My favourite was the pop art inpired furniture... the mythological characters on the table actually pop up! perfect combination of mythology and contemporary styling with big ass dollop of funk! ;)
You must visit the next edition for some kickass deals and out of the ordinary furniture!
Must also visit the Amber fort's Son-et-Lumiere (Sound and Light) show. It was simply spell binding. Makes one so proud of such architectural gems and ones rich cultural heritage!
Much Love,


GB said...

love the pop-art furniture. And Jaipur......a travel addict's haven isnt it? great post!

Spardha Malik said...

yes indeed jaipur is super beautiful... wish i had more time to stroll through the forts and shop at the pink city market!

Hippie Holly said...

I just need to haul ass to Rajasthan this year!! i just have too! Of course one needs to save up for all the major league shopping I have in mind. The pop art furniture is very funky and those tiny leather bags are cute too!

Prutha said...

loving the bollywood inspired cushions ...and those purse above it...i hate the rain here in the US... Too cold!!

M said...

You are right. Looking at these photos...makes me feel nice about our rich heritage. Also these handicraftsmen and artisans need more recognition and respect. Hmm.
Next time please put more photos!! And don't make slow net connection doesn't let me see the small photos in these heavy collages!!

Madmade said...

Spardhaaaaaa u know the saddest thing? our tangible 'cultural heritage' that we so dearly love and are proud of is in the hands of a lazy ass curropt government that will ruin everything. if you get a chance read this months Outlook. there is a whole story on the sorry condition our national museums are in. very good read. even better if we do something about it :)

sandhyaa said...

being frm Jaipur...liked how u portrayed dis all together but wish u cud put up sum more bful pics of city architecture...ok u r forgiven considering it wz a work trip nt a vacation.

The Photodiarist said...

I've heard incredible things about this city. Would love to visit one day!

shooting star said...

jaipur is always nice to visit (except ofcourse in the summers!!)...been there 2wice and loved it both times

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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