Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Goa : Story of Sara

 A New York Arts student comes down to India falls in love with the Indian arts and stays back for two months to come back to the place she calles her second home - Goa. This is the story of Sara Fisher. She came to Goa two years ago and fell in love with the rajasthani style of paintings.  

Pukhraj ji, her guru and brother took her in as an intern and taught her his traditional painting style. She went to his small family village in Rajasthan and got acquainted with his family and village folks. She keeps visiting them from time to time and spends most of her days in goa in his art gallery on Baga Beach.

Pukhraj ji's younger brother calls her 'mausi'. She says that she hasn't formed a new family but found them again.

Sara believes that Pukhraj ji's one of the finest artist she's come across and deserves the status that most arstistes around the world have achieved.

I was bowled over by her simplcity and dedication to painting. The three days that I visited the gallery, I always found Sara immersed in her painting. She finds it very therapeutic and enoys the quiet and comforting company of Pukhraj ji.

The brass ring is the symbol of their relationship as siblings. 

As I write this post, Sara must be in a small Rajasthani village baking chapatis on make-shift fire burners and spending her days dressing up as a rajasthani folk doll for everybody's amusement.

She's also coming up with a website for Ganesha Arts, Pukhraj Ji's art gallery and trying to put up an exhibition for him in New York. 

So, what new bonds did you form today?

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Prutha said...

love the story such original stuff...keep it coming...

Masoom R. Minawala said...

So inspiring! Love your blog x