Saturday, May 2, 2009

An attempt at an Autobiography

I wrote this piece was for a Magazine contest that I never participated in:

What can a 22 yr old possibly justify as an autobiography? As I was toying with the idea, I consciously put myself to the task of writing about ME! Its such a pity that I’ve lived with myself all my life, yet have no clear idea about what I am. I believe this is because the Image one has of oneself is mostly multiple layers of ‘what we think we are’, ‘what we wish we were’ and ‘what people thought of us’, right? Anyhow this is an attempt to introduce you to me as I begin the impossible journey of self-discovery!

Now let’s start.

I’m 22 yrs old, female, a fashion grad, professionally an accessories designer and possibly an aspiring fashion journalist! I’ve always enjoyed spontaneity, individuality and subtle rebellion. As a child, I changed my school 4 times, switched 3 cities and learnt that there were two paths I could take when caught off guard – 1. Follow the status quo and blend into the background or 2. Rebel and face the consequences. I guess, the latter always seemed more exhilarating to me even as a child.

I was born on 23rd October, 1986 in Chandigarh.

I was raised appreciating my mum’s whimsical artworks and attending exhibitions, galleries and interacting with my parents’ incredible circle of poets, artists and musicians. Chandigarh brings back my memories of a childhood filled with art exhibitions, events and performances that began my romance with the creative arts.

When I rejected the pink blanket my granny got me for my 6th birthday and told her I liked her vintage purple velvet Jaipuri quilt instead, my parents mentally prepared themselves for the nightmare I would grow up to be. My father wanted me to be an architect – his idea of a good blend of his engineering skills and my mum’s creative inclinations. It was too early for me to have an opinion but I’m told that I wanted to be a balloon-seller!

When my family shifted to Delhi, my mind took notice of the charms of a big city – the huge buildings, the monuments and hustle bustle! Being the student who was always debating on the stage (and off it!), I enjoyed being quite a brat during these years. I realised by 13, that running around on a basket ball field till late evening was more fun than playing doll-house by the afternoon. I was in love with the city after watching a republic day parade at the Rajpath! I looked forward to it every year. I also remember shopping with my mom in the busy markets of Janpath and Connaught place. I loved the winters in delhi – the bonfire parties and ice cream at India gate, late in the night.

But its only when I turned 18 and shifted to Bombay that I truly started discovering myself. I guess the city has this effect on everybody! Initially you feel so lost in the city’s madness only to later discover that this city, in turn, brings out the madness in you! The unquestioned freedom, great friends and mad ambition were the gifts of this city.. From living with friends to backpacking to goa, from sunsets by Marine drive to getting drunk at leopold, form coloring hair purple to going bald – Bombay gave me the courage to explore!

The four years of understanding fashion, travelling in the crazy trains and falling in love with colaba outlined my life in this city.

Before I begin on yet another adventure – a new city, new friends and may be a new carrer, I shifted back to Delhi to spend time with my family and serve my time as an accessory designer. I’ve been painting the capital red ever since as I’m looking forward to an even more exciting turn to my life!


deepika said...

Exquisite! makes me wanna come back home........

Shweta said...

I Luf the U in the Auto biography....whose is it my (wait for it)...........................................................................................................................................Luf